Write by Franck Cochon

Born in India, which she left for Portugal where she spent a part of her childhood, from there onwards raised in Spain, before establishing herself in France: retracing Tracy’s young life means following a route of many thousands of miles across the globe.

All these cities and countries (Goa, Lisbon, Malaga, Montpellier, Lyon) have witnessed Tracy come into her own and grow personally, as well as culturally.

Flamenco, reggaeton and R&B nurtured Tracy’s first years in music, before everything was disrupted by a brutal collision with Hip Hop. From the 5 disciplines that originated in the Bronx, she used dance as her first tool, giving rhythm to the beginning of the 2000s with acrobatics and contortions; with battles and clashes, driven by the energy and competitiveness of Hip Hop.

The artistry between rappers, dancers, graffiti artists and DJ’s provocatively overlapped and instinctively Tracy picked up a pen and a paper and joined the discipline of rap.

The lyrics of Biggie, Salt’N’Pepa, Lauryn Hill and Lupe Fiasco were her first references, engraved in her mind as she repeated and rehearsed; their beats, punching bags where she perfects her word placement and flow. English being her mother tongue, she was determined to give every word sense and sound.

The gestures, the attitude, the activist spirit, all these characteristics were the evidence of a skill that was waiting to be explored.
As she crossed the path of the singer XKAEM in 2012, the first foundation of a collaboration between soul and rap was established. In the following year she met Gate, he was a beatmaker, she a rapper, there was instantaneous combustion. This duo lasted until 2017 leaving behind Alpha Female (2014) and an immense portfolio of live music.

Listening to my music is like inhaling a part of me, I can be light like a summer breeze or make you choke like the smoke of a burning beedi.

I am a mosaic of cultures, of races, of traditions and energies.

The stage is her personal boxing ring, for which she trains incessantly, always accompanied by her collaborator Comix Delbiagio. She sees to every detail, perfects every trait and improves her shows; she strives to drive them both towards perfection, with no time lapses and no place for errors. The form of her set should have the power to move bodies, the content should have the ability to open minds and elevate the senses.

She’s a convinced feminist and a proud woman in a field dominated by men. Tracy sweeps her listeners off their feet with improvised and risky but mastered changes in rhythm and she galvanizes the audience with vigorous rhymes. With « Battery Low », Tracy never fails to draw a smile from her listeners’ faces describing that dramatic moment when our phones life is endangered. She makes all hands rise to the sky and heads rock back and forth with the classic « Bring Back Hip Hop ». She talks about love, life and doubts, reciting the story of a small girl who left India and flourished amidst the chaotic roads of a many thousand miles journey.