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You are not defined by your gender, the colour of your skin, your social status or your background. You are a source of light and magic. May this project serve to remind you that YOU ARE IN POWER !

I am a woman, an immigrant, a brown skin rapper, I am Tracy De Sá

Born in India, raised partially in Portugal where she spent the beginning of her childhood, moved then to Spain where she grew up, and finally established in France: retracing Tracy’s young life means following a route of many thousands of miles across the globe.

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The “PUSSY TOP” is fruit of a collaboration with the brand 7 Milliards. All the pieces have been produced manually. This unisex crop top is made in France. The white mesh is smooth and comfortable and celebrates all types of bodies. The process of creation of this top respects the environment and also compensates and visibilises the work of female tailors.


The « PUSSY PROTECTION » is a reusable pad created by BeLovesNature. It is eco friendly, zero waste and made out of safe materials that respect the body. It includes a stud button that adjusts perfectly to any kind of underwear. It is suitable for a « light » or « one drop » type of flow.

Create a space in which women can express themselves freely

« Pussy Talks » is a concept of interviews launched by rapper Tracy De Sá through Instagram Live. The initiative aims to change the narrative and finally talk about the world from a female perspective. The goal is to create a space in which women can express themselves freely and talk about their careers, their problems, their projects, their bodies and their sexualities, without any taboos, rules and especially, without the pressure of social norms.

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Second album "In Power".
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