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I am Tracy De Sá

I am a woman an immigrant a brown skin rapper

Tracy's story

With the challenge, but also the pride of being a woman in a world ruled by men; Tracy exposes her technique and mastered flows inspired by 90’s rap music, putting true hip hop lovers at her feet.
Born in India, raised partially in Portugal where she spent the beginning of her childhood, moved then to Spain where she grew up, and finally established in France: retracing Tracy’s young life means following a route of many thousands of miles across the globe.

From the 5 disciplines that originated in the Bronx, she used dance as her first tool, giving rhythm to the beginning of the 2000s with battles and clashes, driven by the energy and competitiveness of Hip Hop. Instinctively Tracy picked up a pen and a paper and joined the discipline of rap. The gestures, the attitude, the activist spirit, all these characteristics were the evidence of a skill that was waiting to be explored.

With the launch of her second album « In Power » with the rising record label Ovastand, Tracy’s fervent desire to give women the space and attention they deserve just increases. Taboos and political correctness aside, Tracy explores the topics of sexuality and female pleasure, bodies and decision making, freedom, power and the pride of being truly who she is, the pride of being woman.

The album IN POWER

defined by Tracy De Sá

Like every human being, I have a genuine

need to feel included, accepted and valued.

I have the need to feel powerful.

I always felt like I didn’t belong, constantly being driven by the lack of legitimacy I felt trapped by the impostor syndrome. I was born in Goa, India, I grew up in Portugal and Spain and settled in France in 2011: I have a unique story that made me believe that coping and adapting were my only talents. Through the chaos, I used music as an escape route; a way to reclaim my story and take responsibility.

I have thrived to prove how the different obstacles that I encountered transformed me, I wanted to change the narrative and turn the pain into strength. Like every human being, I have a genuine need to feel included, accepted and valued: I have the need to feel powerful. My experiences showed me that we are all in search of power; maybe because the feeling of superiority is a proof of self-love, it’s a way to establish our worthiness. Power keeps us alive; it challenges us, it helps us fight and survive.

Self-understanding and empowerment

This is the theme of my second album that I decided to name “In Power”. The title shows how the roles have been inverted as a result of a process of self-understanding and empowerment. Through this project I convey the idea that what I’m looking for is not material or financial power, but a power over myself, to master my emotions, my intentions and my actions independently of what society

This album is political because I speak from a point of view that is often neglected: the point of view of a racialized, immigrant woman. In this body of work, I talk about flirting, porn, sexuality and human bodies in a tone that is raw, realistic and more importantly, guilt-free. Even if the subjects that I treat are common, they are often denied for women, who like me, represent oppressed social groups. We are not allowed to be sexual, dominant or loud. Breaking these stereotypes means giving visibility to ALL women, to be considered and empowered.

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Second album "In Power".
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